What Makes A Successful Apprenticeship Programme

Workforce Development Planning

Successful apprenticeship programmes begin with a clear vision at the most senior level.

Apprentices improve productivity, reduce recruitment costs and, in the longer term, reduce staff turnover and result in fewer skills related vacancies.  Apprenticeships are also an effective way to increase diversity among the workforce, enabling business to reach out to an increased talent pool.

Good apprenticeship programmes are routed in strategic workforce planning.  A great programme will be designed to deliver strategic business objectives as well as reducing business costs.  Progress against KPIs should be measured to make sure the programme is delivering against these objectives.

Senior sponsorship driving the narrative around apprentice employment is key, particularly if young apprentices are employed. Established employees may need support to manage expectations and give time to the apprentice to develop in confidence.  The apprentices may require support to prioritise and manage their time.

Employers should be confident that their training provider partner has the capability to deliver according to business needs.

Finally celebrate success! An enthusiastic team of apprentices are business champions who can reach out to attract further new talent and new customers!

Important to know:

  • An apprentice has dual status – as an employee and as learner

    …undertaking work & knowledge based training to develop the skills and behaviours required by the industry.

  • Senior Sponsorship of the programme is essential to drive the narrative within the business

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