Apprenticeship Reforms

The Apprenticeship landscape is changing!

The apprenticeship reforms happening right now will affect everyone engaged in apprenticeship delivery.

There are more apprenticeships on offer than ever – in different job roles and at different qualification levels – some at university degree and Masters level.

The new apprenticeship standards have been written by employers for their industry.  These detail the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to carry out a job role.  At the end of the programme the apprentice’s progress will be independently assessed.


What’s New?

  • Qualification changes
  • Frameworks move to Standards
  • Introduction of Degree and Masters Level Standards
  • End Point Assessment to ensure independent verification of the standard
  • Funding and payment options
  • Digital Accounts to handle Levy payments

20% of the working hours needs to be spent on Off the Job Training. This can include mentoring, work shadowing, study and on-line learning. Working with a training provider that can offer a variety of learning styles enables the apprenticeship programme to meet both employee and employers needs.

Important to know:

  • Employers are able to select a registered training provider of their choice

    There are over 1800 training providers so Employers can use a specialist that meets their needs.

  • Bespoke training programmes

    The introduction of Standards, designed by Employers, gives access to practical development programmes that can be shaped around an employers business needs.

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